June 13th, 2005



There was a weekend in there, I guess ...

All sorts of chaos, of course ... highlighted by an old college buddy coming down from Madison to crash with us so that he could check out Blues Fest. Initially, I didn't think I was going to be able to accompany him down there, but I was able to pound out this mailing that I needed to get out this weekend before this other friend of ours showed up, so I dragged them both down to the Post Office (yes, our local P.O. has Sunday hours), got that in the mail, and was able to hang out all day. After several days of it being hot and sunny, today was blissfully overcast, so I didn't incinerate being outside that many hours. I am amazed, however, that we're already back to Monday.

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Hmmmm ...

I wonder how long (and why) I was "logged off" of L.J. ... I was sufficiently "logged in" last night to make the previous post, but this morning I tried to make a comment and found that I was not being recognized! This would have been just a minor irritation, but I was (having been AFK for much of the past 3 days) WAY behind on reading my Friends List, and had to back-up all over again after logging in to see how many "friends only" posts I'd missed, which were quite a few. Insert gratuitous snarky remark about F-O journals here.

Oh, and just in case anybody cares, I feel like shit this morning.

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