June 26th, 2005


urgh ...

Well, it's been The Wife's birthday weekend, so I've not gotten anything done ... not, of course, that I didn't do anything (no, there's been a mad rush of things I had to do), but that the Big Scary List of things which need to get DONE has not dwindled at all ... only the time available to get same list "done" has dropped considerably. Hell, it even got Bigger and Scarier over the weekend.

Not only are we supposed to be ready for the Charity pick-up on Tuesday, getting a truck and moving stuff on Thursday, and my brother coming out for their stuff on Friday, but a whole additional level of "now" things got laid over the top of that. Our building, over the past two years, has been doing a total replacement of all the windows, and we just got a note that OUR windows will be done on 7/19 and the "inspection" (where they walk through and tell you what you're going to need to move/cover/etc. for them to replace the windows) is going to be this Tuesday. Now, you've seen pictures of my office, and I shudder to think what I'm going to have to do to get that ready for them to put in new windows (and, you have to remember, we're talking the 46th floor here ... if something blows out, it's gone!).

On top of that, we had to go off to a meeting out by O'Hare on Friday with other local Club Z! folks and a guy from Corporate to go over the NCLB stuff, which is gong to be very very complicated (and scary and frustrating). And, I've been invited to attend a meeting on Monday night over at Daughter #1's school, which is leading me to believe that I might have been picked to be the new Parent rep on the Local School Council (which would be a good thing, but adding more complications into my life/schedule).

Anyway, we've had quite the weekend. My father-in-law and his wife got into town on Thursday evening. The Wife and Daugther #1 went off to have dinner with them (#2 still had a bit of a fever and so stayed home with me), then on Friday we had breakfast with them, and they took The Girls while we headed off to the above-mentioned meeting. That evening they took us out to Roys for dinner. On Saturday we got up (well, I'd been up most of the night getting stuff wrapped and ready), had The Wife open her presents, etc. We met up with the In-Laws and for some reason everybody decided that they wanted to go to see the Wired NextFest down at Navy Pier (hopefully, I'll be able to write more on that later). We got down there and had lunch at Riva, and then hit the exhibit hall. We were running against the clock all day, as we had very early dinner reservations (6:45), and did not get to Riva until after 1pm. The Girls seemed to like the fest (especially #1), and we got back home in time to clean up for dinner. I'd gotten us reservations at Brassarie Jo, and we had a nice birthday dinner there, followed by cake back here. The In-Laws are leaving in the morning (I actually got back on my computer at this hour to print up their boarding passes), so I'll be able to get back into schlepping stuff.

I don't know WHAT we're going to do over the next 3 weeks ... I need to have all this stuff out of my Mom's place by the end of next week, but with the window project here, we're going to have stuff stacked up all over the place. I have whole posts full of irritations over that crap, but I guess I'll leave that shit until later. I figured I'd get a post up here now about the weekend before I forgot most of the what/where/when.

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