July 24th, 2005


a question ...

OK, so I'm a long-time Netscape user (like back before there was MSIE), and I have always preferred its look-and-feel over the other options, and love "tabbed browsing", but I've been having issues with the new release. I just upgraded from 7.2 to 8.0 and have found a whole slew of stuff that I don't like there, most of which I'm sure are irritations that will fade with familiarity, but ONE of them I really want to figure out how to "fix" or I'm going to have to switch to FireFox!

The thing that is currently driving me nuts is that, when using Netscape 8.0 to "do eBay", every time I open a new tab off of the "My eBay" screen (or any other eBay screen, such as searches), it kicks me out to the sign-in screen. What is freaky (and irritating) is that if I click on those to open in a whole new window they pop right up, with no need to sign-in again! One would think that whatever cookie situation that was happening would recognize that I was SIGNED IN for the current Netscape window, but for some reason new tabs in the current window aren't recognized, but NEW WINDOWS are.

Since when "doing eBay" I might have a dozen or so items open at any given time, this is a royal pain in the ass. I've written both eBay and Netscape about this but haven't heard squat from either, and I can't find any controls in the browser that look like they might improve things if I messed around with them.

Is anybody out there privy to the inner workings of Netscape 8.0 to the extent that they could recommend how to "fix" this? As I noted, it's insane that the log-in cookie for eBay would be recognized from one Netscape window to another but NOT for tabs in the same window! Any help would be appreciated.

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