August 7th, 2005


dream ...

OK ... of all the blithering that I do in this journal, one of the few things which is an L.J. cliche that I have not done (or have done so rarely that I can't recall an instance of it) is talk about my dreams. Part of this is due to my traditionally spotty sleep schedule (leading to not having/remembering dreams), but part of it is just because.

However, I had a very weird dream last night that had me checking out Fox News this morning to make sure that something terrible hadn't happened over-night. In the dream I was part of an elite bomber strike force that went out over-night to NUKE five or six major "enemy targets". Now, in my dream, these were major military bases and were spread out all over the globe (not Mecca or Medina, for instance), but the mission was plainly a retalitory strike ... for something.

Of the dreams that I do have much remembrance of, it is very rare to have me be in a "role" like this, as I will typically be "me" in some permutation of my usual life with just stuff going weird within those contexts. So having me being a black-ops fighter pilot from an "elite strike force" (we all made it back safely but then the dream degraded into an endless wait to be de-briefed on the mission) was unusual.

I've read stuff from folks on my F.L. dealing with dreams of "nuclear happenings" recently, so I figured I'd share this, as it did stand out.

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Wow ...

OK, so it's supposed to be a kids movie ... but you HAVE to go see Sky High! I'm pretty sure that The Wife and I enjoyed it more than The Girls did ... especially given the casting. The film was nicely paced (only one scene went on "too long"), and had just enough "drama" to build to a "heroic" pay-off against a truly "surprise" super-villain. As some reviewers have noted, this is sort of Spy Kids crossed with The Incredibles crossed with X-Men, with nods to all sorts of TV/movie classics (like the twin firepoles, ala the Batman TV series, to get to the secret sanctuary).

However, the joy of this movie goes beyond the homages woven through the sets and costumes, it's a veritable menagerie of familiar faces playing tonge-in-cheek comicbook sterotypes. Aside from the protagonist's A-list super-hero parents, played by Kurt Russel and Kelly Preston, it has two Kids In The Hall alums, Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald, playing faculty members, along with Bruce Campbell as the gym coach, Lynda Carter as the principal (who does get off a "Wonder Woman" joke at the end), and even an ancient-looking Cloris Leachman as the school nurse. Additionally, a number of incidental adult roles feature actors better known for their voice talent than their faces (for example that cowering homebuyer towards the end of the film is the guy who supplies the voice of both The Mayor and The Narrator from The Power Puff Girls)..

Of course, all those faces/voices don't mean much to under-10 crowd, but they certainly keep things amusing for the parents. Again, this is probably paced and themed to a sub-13 audience (so don't look for high drama/tension or a lot of backstory), but it successfuly avoids those "is this thing ever going to get over with" stretches that I frequently find myself in when attending movies with The Girls. Aside from the "dirt dog" voice in my head (which also wanted to see Ella Enchanted as a porno), I found nothing wanting in this film ... well, with the exception of popcorn ... about 1/4 of the way through I was regretting our decision to forgo popcorn for a bag of Skittles ... so, anyway, I highly recommend this one (oh, and get the popcorn)!

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