September 12th, 2005


another gasoline story ...

Gee, for a guy who doesn't drive regularly, I've posted a lot about gas prices of late!

Anyway, today at noon I picked up a rental car to run some pamphlets over to one of our new NCLB schools (one that was actually on the ball and wanting to distribute materials to the parents). On my way back here to hand the car over to The Wife (who had 3 appointments this evening), I took Division St. past the expressway. On one side of the underpass, the Mobil station had $2.99 regular, on the other side fo the underpass BP had $3.19 regular, and right next door to them, the Shell station had $3.09 regular ... I found it amusing that these three stations, more or less right in a row (and scarcely a block apart all told) had such a variety of pricing! I would think that Mobil station must be getting a lot of traffic, because the Shell station up at Diversey & Lincoln (which typically has the lowest gas prices on this end of town) was at $3.09 on Saturday, and nearly all the stations down by us are running $3.29 or more.

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