September 16th, 2005


a very rare "Friday Five"

Snagged from eagle243's journal ...

1. Who is your mobile phone provider, and how many minutes are in your plan?
          It's Cingular; but I have no idea on the plan, both The Wife and I use the same account, but we probably do only 5-10 minutes a day on it

2. What program do you primarily use for instant messaging?
          I really don't do any IM'ing at all ... I guess I'm a geezer that way!

3. Who do you send and receive text messages from most?
          Again, I really don't use this ... one of the parents of one of my Daughters' friends once sent me a text message and it took me 3 days to figure out how to read it.

4. What area code do you live in?
          312 ... Downtown Chicago! ... I've had the same phone number since 1981 ... even after the rest of the city changed to 773.

5. What year did you first get an e-mail address and do you still use it?
          I probably got my first e-mail address in about 1983 or there abouts, I don't know if my first one was with Compuserve or, but I quit using the former a long time ago, and the latter evaporated on me several years back. I think my current longest-running e-mail address is my AOL account, which I've probably had for ten years or so (when AOL came out with its Windows version).

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Curiouser and curiouser ...

I mean, these things never happen, do they?

If you recall, back towards the end of July, I was bemoaning the loss of one of my long-held domains. It seems that I've been having issues with getting mail in my "catch all" account and I missed getting the need-to-renew memos from the registrar. As I noted at the time, it appeared that some "squatting" company had moved in on it after the renewal date passed, with their info up on the "whois" and the domain pointing off to a "we'll sell you this domain for $X" page.

Well, for some reason, just two months down the pike, I find that the domain was AVAILABLE again! I'd written to the registrar about why I'd not heard about the renewals coming through, and listed several domains that in MY notes were either expired or soon to expire (to my embarassment, yet relief, somehow I'd already renewed all of them and just not noted the fact in the file where I keep all that info), in their response they additionally pointed out that the domain which I'd lost was (again, embarassingly, yet delightfully) available for registration!

So, I once again have in my name (and maybe this time I'll figure out something good to use it for!).

As bizarrre as this series of events is (how does a squatter un-squat a domain after just a couple of months?), I also discovered that I seem to have registered sometime last year, or at least that's what the "whois" tells me ... although it points off to one of those generic web search pages rather than anything that I would have directed it to.

Now, I know that I've been in a funk for quite a while, but I'm really amazed that not only did I renew a half a dozen accounts without recalling the fact (OR noting the updates in the file), but that I might have gone off and picked up an ".info" version of my "lost" domain before I knew it was lost. This is really messing with my mind ... I'm just glad that the details of the happenings are all positive at this point!

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