September 25th, 2005


A confession ...

Every day I look at the sports section hoping to find news of a White Sox loss, a Cleveland win, and wins by both New York and Boston. The Sox's descent from having a 15-game lead in their division to the current (as of this morning) 1.5 game lead has given me, the life-long Cubs fan, something to feel good about as my own team reaches desperately for .500 like a drowning man thrashing for air.

As disappointing as the Cubs' season has been, the baseball season in general would be "saved" if somehow the White Sox manage to lose the division to Cleveland, and have the Yankess and Red Sox finish up just a half-game better than the south siders (thereby ending up snatching the Wild Card from their grasp as well). Ah, what sweet sound would result, the wailing and gnashing of teeth from down there where the streets have numbers instead of names!

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