October 8th, 2005


Reunion weekend ...

Well, lookie there ... that's me 30 years ago, assaulting a sandwich! This image was chosen by somebody to illustrate the page on the alumni web site plugging today's school BBQ out in the park (where it's going to be in the low 50's and cloudy). I guess the cliché is "there's no such thing as bad press", so at least I'm getting virtual ink.

I ended up going to the Alumni cocktail reception last night, being only one of two folks there from my actual class. Now, let me add some context here ... I went to a very small school, and my graduating class was (if I recall correctly), only 56 kids, so having 2 of us there was around a 4% attendance! I did get to see some old teachers that I knew, and got to shmooze a bit with the new Headmaster (we're dropping off Fall info packets for the Tutoring biz next week), so it was worth being there.

Today I'm taking The Girls with me up to the BBQ (and I'm glad I asked where it was going to be ... the web site just said "in the park", which isn't very specific, and the actual location where it's going to be wouldn't have been in my first three guesses), and then going to the Class of '75 dinner. The one classmate who were there last night was the one organizing the dinner, and she said that I hadn't RSVP'd for it, although I saw today that I was on the list on the web site ... I guess the information flow is a bit screwy on this.

Oh, well ... as is so often the case for these journal entries ... "like you care!". Heh.

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