October 9th, 2005


More reunion stuff ...

Well, here is a rarity ... a pic of my lovely daughters! There they are pummeling each other in a fit of unfettered sibling rivalry on one of the various attractions available at the "BBQ" yesterday. As you can sort of tell by the picture, this was no docile "let's amuse the alumni" event (which was my assumption going in), but a big whole-school Fall whoop-de-do, involving various track & field events, inflatable carnival attractions, a couple of climbing walls, face painting, hair spraying (the little one ended up with orange and blue stripes, while her sister had hot pink), and the expected hamburgers and hot dogs. I got far less schmoozing done than I had anticipated (in fact, 90% of my time was spent standing around waiting for The Girls who were waiting in line for stuff), but I did get at least one "friendly exchange" with the Headmaster, so it was not a total bust on that end.

Last night was our class dinner. It was interesting to see the mix of folks that showed up, as some had only been there for highschool, some had left after grade school, and some had been there from K-12 (I was somewhere inbetween, having moved back to Chicago in 3rd grade). All told we had 16 people represented (15 actually there, and one "by proxy", his father, also an alum, showing up with "newsletter" sheets from our classmate). Given that we started out with about 56 kids in our graduating class, and have had four or five fatalities, that's not bad, being about 1/4-1/3 of the available folks. Frankly, with one or two exceptions, I wouldn't have recognized any of 'em had I sat next to them on the bus ... after a while their "old selves" started showing through in the eyes, or some long-used smirk or gesture, but 30 years does change one. There were only a few that looked substantially like their graduation pics, minus some hair or plus some wrinkles, and I guess I'd have to class my current short-hair/trimmed-beard self as being hard to decipher from my highschool senior self (as you see from these icons, the "1975" pic being my graduation portrait from the yearbook ... and, yes back then they were in B&W!).


Except for one other guy (who's got a 3-year-old), I felt a bit "out of synch" with my 9 and 5 year old offspring, as most of the folks there had kids in college, with a few having highschool-aged kids. A few of us still lived downtown, but most were out in the 'burbs. I am drifting into minutia at this point, which I'm sure nobody gives a rat's ass about, so I'll stop, since the details barely make a difference to me.

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Sometimes you just KNOW ...

I had been putting off opening up an e-mail from my Brother, because I knew anything he had to tell me was going to upset me, and I was right. I was catching up on some mail in my AOL account and I noticed that this one piece of mail was pretty close to "evaporating" (mail disappears after 21 days over there), so I figured I'd better open it so it would at least find its way to the "filing cabinet". Not that there was anything specifically upset-making in the e-mail (at least to most "normal" people), but it sent me off on a downward spiral of increasing depression all night. (sigh)

I guess on a lot of levels I've not "dealt" with my Mom's death fully, and the financial aspects (I am so "money-phobic" that I can't even open mail from my bank) are a particular mine field for me. Of course, my little brother is "Mr. Business School", so all he ever things about is "the money angle", and this has made it very hard for me to communicate with him (especially given how much I was trying to cling to anything evoking memories of my Mom, where for him it seemed to be 100% about dumping stuff for tax deductions, etc., etc., etc.). I've been feeling sick since reading that, like being in a fast-dropping elevator.

The only good thing to come from it was that I got the rest of the ceiling painted in the living room. I'd gotten about 2/3rds of it done a while back, but ran out of paint (no, really, our next-door Ace Hardware went a month without getting in any more of what I was using, and I finally ended up having to go to another location to get more!), and, of course, gearing back into a project like that is a pain in the ass, so I had been waiting for "the right time" to move furniture around and unfold drop cloths. Well, throwing myself into a physical project was something that I needed today, so that I wouldn't have to think/feel.

Needless to say, it didn't help having my BEARS blow that game like they did today, either.

Bleh. Days like this I rather desperately miss drinking. :-(

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