October 10th, 2005


Is it just that I'm getting OLD?

Man ... I just hate hitting pages/blogs that have itty bitty tiny type on them! I mean, come on, do you want to have what you wrote read or not? I have my monitor set at a moderate 1024x768 resolution, and I just hate it when I hit one of these pages, since I have to lean way into my monitor (or cut-and-paste the text into WordPad) in order to read it. What the HELL use is it designing a page like that? I mean, it's not like anybody is getting charged "by the column inch" or anything anymore! What possible purpose can these folks have in setting up their text in the equivalent of two or three <small> tags? It's as bad as folks who use funky color schemes on their pages ... do they want to communicate information or NOT?

Now, I'm not talking about anybody on L.J. here ... because I only read things in my Friends view (so I wouldn't know if any of you have these quirks on your journals) ... but I just followed a link off to something that sounded like it might have some interesting information, and found one of those damn itty bitty tiny type pages, and decided that my time would be better spent bitching about it in here rather than trying to read what this person had written!

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One of those things I irritate my family with ...

I don't know if it's a hold-over from my P.R. days ("the most intense drive in the breast of man is not love, patriotism, or religion, but the urge to edit copy"), but I have what some people consider a nasty habit of re-writing song lyrics to better suit my twisted senses. Of course, Weird Al Yankovic has made an entire career on this perversion, and I have often regretted that I never brought any of my warped versions of things to a presentable form (and I have a backlog going back to high school where I was working on a whole musical called "The Necrophilia Follies").

Anyway, as I have mentioned previously, my music listening habits are to put a CD in the player and just keep hitting the play button over and over again until I am sick of listening to whatever disc happens to be in there. Currently, it's disc 2 of Cleopatra Records' 1993 "Gothic Rock" compilation (which is fantastic, by the way). This includes a version of Christian Death's classic tune This Is Heresy, which has been stuck in my head, and thus getting the re-write treatment!

Now, I'm guessing that 95% of the folks reading this are, unfortunately, not familiar with this song, which is a real shame. I've dug up the lyrics, but they don't convey the emotional impact of the song ... Collapse ) ... but to give you some idea, the title lines are sung with a lot of pathos and angst.

Being the warped critter that I am, I just can't help myself turning that into "This Is Harris Tweed! ... This Is Harris Tweed! ..." with all the horror that an old-line Goth would have to suddenly be found wearing same (think of the scene in Beetlejuice where Otho suddenly finds himself in pastel doubleknits!). Hee hee hee ...

Yeah, I know ... "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Brendan?"

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