October 12th, 2005


Beat ...

We've been running around the city for the past two days, dropping off "welcome back to school" goodie bags for the Principals, Assistant Principals, Counselors, etc., at the nearly 70 schools currently on our list for the tutoring biz. I've been doing the driving and navigating, and The Wife runs in to each place with the bags. What we're dropping off are a little bitty bright red "shopping bag" with 10 of our 4x6" info cards, a little "house-shaped" (as in "in-home" tutoring) paperclip dispenser imprinted with our logo and contact info, and a "scroll" of a letter and some promo flyers. I made up name tags to go on the bags, and at each stop I pull labels from a sheet, add them to the tag, and slip the tag onto one of bag's handles. Usually, I'm able to get the next stop set up while The Wife is running in to the current school. My shoulders are aching, though, from having to reach into the back seat over and over again to grab bags.

Yesterday we did all the schools south of the river, plus the schools west of downtown. Today we got the schools done in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and most of Lakeview (60611, 60610, 60614, 60657), plus a couple of schools a bit north of that and the area just west. We still have 24 schools to hit tomorrow, mainly north and northwest, and then I'll "mop up" with anything left over on Friday morning.

We got back just in time to pick up Daughter #1 from school, and then (after a few more phone calls), picked up #2 and headed down to Office Depot to get a few things they needed (the zipper on #1's school kit hadn't lasted a week, so we needed to get that replaced). The Girls wanted to go out for dinner, and we ended up going to a Chicago classic, the Twin Anchors neighborhood rib joint up in Lincoln Park. This has been operating in the same space "officially" since 1932, although it is rumored that the bar has been in constant operation since 1910 (just becoming a "speakeasy" during prohibition).

I probably hadn't eaten at Twin Anchors since high school (well, maybe I was in there back in my "drinking days", as my memories from that span are pretty hazy), as it is always packed, and the last 2-3 times we tried to eat there we couldn't get in ... so hitting it at 6pm on a Wednesday night was probably good planning. Hey, we even got to sit under the "shrine" to the Rat Pack (with cards and chips from their Vegas casino haunts), the place being a favorite of Sinatra back in the day, and that was where their "usual tables" were.

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The worst of all possible worlds ...

I think all Cubs fans should be given massive doses of Morphine should the World Series end up being between the Cardinals and the White Sox.

And then, just don't tell us who won.

I can't believe that the two most hated teams in the entire universe look to have a very good chance of meeting in "the fall classic" ... it makes me want to puke already and I haven't even watched one post-season game!

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