November 27th, 2005


Wow ...

Yes, still plugging along at getting books entered into my LibraryThing catalog ... over the past several days I got the bookcase that I had to move for the window replacement project moved back into its slot (and got the shades installed, I've been busy), and I figured it would make sense for me to log in those books while I had them accessible!

Anyway, I'm working on the last shelf there (bookcase #5 is largely my SF collection, and is double and/or triple stacked, so it's been going slowly) and I ran across an old Kurt Vonnegut book, which was actually the script from a "Net Playhouse Special" which aired on WGBH in 1972, called Between Time and Timbuktu, or, Prometheus-5" ... and I was interested to see if there was a videotape of the show out there. I first tried Amazon, and got nothing (well, there were two results, but neither seemed to have anything to do with this), and then tried eBay.

The "wow" in the subject line was from seeing what somebody is asking for a copy of this particular book ... $59.95 ... quite a mark-up from the original $2.45 cover price! It always amuses me to find I have "valuable items" tucked in amid the dime-or-less ephemera in my library.

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well, that was nice ...

My BEARS did it again ... this time on the road against a very tough (#3 in the NFC if I recall) defense ... winning 13-10 over Tampa Bay! I'd feel better if the Vikings would lose a few games (they's still just 2 back from us), because we have some tough games coming up (the 7-3 Steelers and the 7-4 Falcons, plus Green Bay home and away, and finishing up the regular season with a New Year's Day game in Minnesota), and it would be horrible to let that lead slip away and lose the division (and likely the wild-card) that last game!

The problem with a 7-game win streak like this is that it starts to build up expectations, and I have to keep reminding myself that this is the same team that was picked by most to go somwhere around 6-10 for the year, so you have to wonder how much their current 8-3 record is luck (like the Buccaneers' missed FG today) and how much is just unappreciated talent and/or "destiny".

Oh, well, watching them win is a lot more fun than watching them lose, but each game is starting to mean something now, so I'm probably not going to feel OK about things until they're up by 2 with 1 to play (or even up by 1 with 1 to play if the tie-breakers stay in the BEARS's favor!).

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Arrgh ...

Man, sometimes I get twisted up over the stupidest stuff ... and a lot of it has to do with that Obsessive/Compulsive crap. Last night I logged in 84 books to my LibraryThing catalog (bookcase #5, Shelf #3a-c), which should have put me about #25 on the "books added in last 24 hours" list in their "Zeitgeist" statistics section. Unfortunately, it seems that this database hasn't updated since Friday (it says it "updates sporadically"), so my entries are likely to not show up there at all (as by the time it updates again, it will be past the 24-hour window when I logged in the books).

Why does this sort of shit matter to me??? It doesn't mean anything ... the data's safely in my catalog after all ... it's just "making the list" seems to be some sort of achievement, even though it will list all users adding books, even if they're just putting in one, and I doubt that anybody without OCD is even looking at that! I can't believe how irritated I've been to not see my ID up in those first few lines, though. Bad, stupid, neurotic Brendan!

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What we did today ...

Yeah, two shows over one weekend does seem a bit excessive to me too ... but I'm not doing the scheduling here. Actually, The Wife originally had us going to see SchoolHouse Rock Live a couple of weeks back, but there was a scheduling issue with the theater and it got moved to today.

Now, while I was aware of SchoolHouse Rock (although I can't say that I ever actually watched an episode), it didn't show up until I was well into highschool, so it didn't have the "nostalgia" factor that it might for somebody 10-15 years my junior. Unfortunately, The Girls also didn't have much of a point of reference for it, and the material was a bit "ho-hum" for 9-year-old Daughter #1 and on the "huh?" side for 5-year-old Daughter #2 ... although both got to participate, #2 in a "dance" on stage, and #1 in the post-show Q&A session.

Being the "good Daddy", I opted to go with the family for lunch afterwards (at the Cheesecake Factory, which was, amazingly, not packed when we got there, despite being smack dab between the Water Tower and 900 N. Michigan malls), so missed the first half of the BEARS game ... although, I must admit, that seems to be "working for me" as they've won every game that I've had the VCR watching.

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