December 2nd, 2005


Wow ... treasures on the shelves!

OK, so I'm still logging in stuff for my LibraryThing catalog (I'm up to 669 books at this point), and I ran across one about my "root" Shamanic teacher down in Peru. Now, I knew this one was pretty valuable (it was given to me by a friend when she left Chicago and was getting rid of much of her library ... she knew that I just had a "xerox" copy from one I'd taken out of the library some decades ago, and couldn't find one) and hard to find, but I was shocked when I saw what the "used" copies were going for on Amazon. Now, my friend had paid $15.95 at the Cornell book shop for her copy back when she was in college (and thinking she was going to end up being an anthropologist instead of a lawyer) ... right now the cheapest copy available through Amazon is $157.19, and that goes all the way up to some (new seller) asking an insane $1,125.00 for one! It makes me want to stick the hardcover copy in a safe and put back the stack of xeroxes in its place! That's crazy ... you would think that somebody would wrangle the rights on that and put out a print-on-demand edition of it if it's "worth" that much!

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Speaking of which ...

Gee ... while I'm on the subject of insane prices ... I don't think I mentioned the recent deal I got on some cards for Daugther #1's birthday (which is today).

One of the eBay vendors I've gotten things from previously on occasion has "specials" and was offering a deal where you could get 100 reverse-holos of your choice from what she had on hand. Well, I ended up being the only bidder (so got it at the minimum), and send in a copy of what #1 "needs". In the process of checking over the list, the vendor replied that she had about 150 of the cards and if I'd like the extra 50 that would just be another $10 ... which brought down the cost-per-card to around a quarter (such a deal!).

This afternoon I ran the list of what we ended up getting through my "low reference retail site" an found that the mix of cards we got would have run pretty close to an even $600.00 (with individual cards ranging from $1.00 to $10.00 there) ... meaning that I got these at not my "target" 1/7th of retail, but 1/15th of retail! Sure, shelling out $40 for a bunch of Pokemon cards at a go is WAY more than I typically go, but I think Daughter #1 will be thrilled to get such a haul at once for her birthday.

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