December 4th, 2005



I'm glad yesterday is over with. It was Daughter #1's birthday party and we had 10 kids at Dave & Busters for it ... now, D&B's is sort of like Chuck E. Cheese for college-age kids, and we got a package deal which had their meals plus a "power card" with $12.50 credit each. Unfortunately, the kids all wanted to go nuts in the game room rather than sit through lunch, and it was a nightmare getting them all down to order and eat. When we finally got the cards, most of them blew through the $$$ in a mater of minutes (easy when the "jumbo claw machine" ran about $2.50 a try!).

While I am very good at organizing things, I am less good at dealing with uncooperative attendees. I have two modes when dealing with children, "calmly negotiating" and "tourettes explosion" and the trip wire between those two is not very far down the path. I'm amazed that we got through the thing without any bloodshed, but I was a nervous wreck the rest of the day (and am still not 100% back on solid ground).

Anyway ... more updates later ... I see that it's only 5 minutes to kick-off for the BEARS / Packers game!

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Woot ... Bears win!

Yep, my BEARS log their 8th straight win, with a 19-7 win over the "ancient enemy" Packers! It wasn't pretty but it's the first time they've beaten Brett Farve here in 11 games, and this is the first time in something like 28 straight games that Farve hasn't had a touchdown pass against us!

This one was tense right up till the end, when, with 3:06 left on the clock, Vasher runs back an interception for a TD ... giving the BEARS a 12-point lead. This was the second big defensive play of the game, as right at the end of the first half, with Green Bay knocking on the door (on the Chicago 7-yard line) and leading 7-6 with just 0:24 on the clock, Tillman intecepted a Farve pass in our endzone and ran it 95 yards to the GB 7-yard line which set us up for another field goal, and a 9-7 lead. Once again Orton and the offence did just enough (3 other field goals) to let the defense win another one ... pushing us to a 9-3 record and keeping that slim 2-game lead over the Vikings (who also won today) with four games to go. I just hope we can keep that lead so that last game of the year (up in Minnesota on new year's day) isn't for who wins the division and who stays home from the playoffs!

On a rather sobering side note ... I realized today that I'm older than the head coach ... this is depressing me no end.

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oh, yeah ...

I was so stressed yesterday from the D&B party that I spent most of the rest of the day trying to not have a major mental breakdown ... and when it came to dinner time, I really couldn't face it ... so instead, I decided that I'd go see Sarah Silverman's "Jesus Is Magic", which was playing right around the corner at the Esquire Theater over on Oak St. (I didn't want to have the same thing happen with this one as did "The Aristocrats" ... which I still haven't seen) for something of an "escape".

I had very high hopes for this film, going from its trailer, and it was great for at least the first half. Unfortunately, somewhere around that point the "vision" of the film sort of got lost and way too much time was spent in this one long stand-up gig. By the time the movie was over (and was it over? it had a very long exit and the lights never came up in the theater even after about 5-10 minutes of blank screen & silence) I felt like she should have had 2-3 more song things and perhaps less stand-up (although, more songs would have broken up that). Also, the film, which started out amazingly dream-like got awfully linear by the end. The songs were the best part of the movie ... each featuring Sarah in some outfit/scenario ranging from a fundy preacher to a lounge diva, to a 60's acid pop queen (singing the hilarious "I Love You More Than" song) to a highschool girl at her grandmother's nursing home (singing "You'll Be Dead Soon!" ... probably the funniest bit in the film).

The "premise" of the film was Sarah putting together a show ... based on a lie she tells to two firends (who she's hanging with at the beginning of the movie telling her how fabulously their careers are going) ... the "dream sequencing" starts as soon as she leaves and gets in her car, and starts in on the first several songs. The best parts are in this beginning when things are working up to the show, which then sort of comes out of nowhere ("how does a person get to be what they are? how does one person end up a comic and another a lawyer? ... and suddenly she's on stage). The most off-putting parts of the film are the "context" pieces where she's dealing with her firends or manager, where she acts like a total bitch/primadonna, the film ending after she totally ices out her friends (from the beginning of the film) and then starts making out with her reflection in the mirror. It seems like she's trying to wrap some "social commentary" about show biz around all the other stuff in the film, but I felt it confused things more. There are pretty much three things going on in the film, the "outside" story, the "stand-up" content, and the "song skits", of these the latter are gems, and it would have been better if she'd been able to close the film in a way that gave "closure" to its opening.

Anyway, it's well worth seeing just for the songs, and of course some of the jokes are killers (the very dirty one at the very start of the trailer is especialy good!), I just wish it were better as a whole movie!

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An L.J. deathwish?

O.K. ... now I am a creature of inertia, I don't like changing unless I have to and I don't like systems that I'm used to not working for me. As such (and as an "early adopter"/"permanent account") it would take a hell of a lot to sour me on LiveJournal ... but, damn it sure does seem like they're trying to be dysfunctional!

I had two comments each on two of my posts this afternoon, and I got only ONE of those in my mail box. Then, when trying to comment on others' journals, 2 out of 3 times I got funky error messages about the damn server's availability. All this while the official "status" thing says everything's just peachy keen!

I mean, come on ... it's not like L.J. had some huge jump in usership that would be stressing their systems ... and while I understand that moving things is a good way of invoking the FuckUp Fairy, we're still talking about X-oranges going where X-oranges are supposed to have gone, right?

This is the first time that I've really felt that L.J. is the "bastard step-child" of the Six Apart family. This is the first time that I've felt that Brad is uninvolved, leaving the details of L.J.'s transfer to underlings ... underlings who have no "stake" in L.J. and are just "doing their jobs" as directed by the Six Apart brass.

Dammit ... I feel hurt by the amount of time things have been fucked up here ... it's like those currently responsible for L.J. neither appreciate its users or really care about it as an entity. Frankly, I get the distinct "vibe" that those handling the L.J. transfer think "you get what you pay for" and that as a free service (despite the fact that many of us ARE paying or have paid for it) L.J. users should be happy with whatever limited functionality dribbles down to our desktops.

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