December 26th, 2005



Well, my BEARS gave me a scare, but ultimately took it easy on their fans ... sure they let the "ancient enemy" Packers score 10 points in the last couple of minutes, turning a 24-7 cakewalk into a 24-17 nailbiter (with Farve moving the ball on us down to the 35 or so), but they came through with a sack, another sack, and a game-ending interception. Whew!

This win gives the BEARS the NFC North championship, plus a bye week, and home-field for the first of their playoff games! Next week's game becomes a throw-away (instead of a battle for who wins the division) against the Vikings, with the BEARS likely to rest a lot of starters and the Vikings (having lost last night and being now out of playoff contention) having nothing to play for, other than, perhaps, preventing us from managing a 6-0 sweep of our division rivals (if the BEARS lose it will make both teams 5-1 in the division, with the only loss being to each other, which I guess could be a "moral victory" for the Vikings).

So, the worst the BEARS could do this season is to finish up 11-5 (and 12-4 is not out of the question) ... not bad for a team that was picked by Sports Illustrated to go 3-13!

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Ho, ho, ho ... pt. 3

So, yesterday, after The Girls had plowed through all their presents, we went off to see The Chronicles of Narnia. The Wife had thought that she was being particularly clever with the suggestion, and was quite surprised that the theater was packed (we did get there a few minutes after the official showtime, so had to sit a lot closer to the screen than I would have preferred) ... heck, some people were "making a day of it", like the couple in front of me in line who were buying tickets for a movie around 1pm and then tickets for one at 4pm!

Narnia was "OK" ... I recall having the books back when I was a kid, but aside from the most general outlines ("uh, there was a lion, right?") I didn't remember any of it. Now, sure, this movie is targeted to kids, but there were a bunch of places that I'm thinking "oh, come on ..." like in the early discoveries of Narnia where you have characters slogging around in calf-deep snow in bedroom slippers and not showing any particular signs of being cold and wet! My biggest "continuity issue", of course, came at the execution scene and those following. If the White Witch is demaning a blood sacrifice how come there is NO BLOOD??? Yeah, stick that "Spear of Longinus"-shaped blade into the lion's heart and not show a DROP of blood? What's the use of the blood gutters on the sacrificial stone? Shouldn't that platform be a nasty sticky gory mess by the time the girls get there? That sort of stuff bugs the heck out of me. Oh, and speaking of blood ... shouldn't Aslan be a bit bloody after he (evidently) rips out the White Witches throat? Did they have to scrub out all the blood to keep it PG?

The other thing that was sort of "left hanging" was the "grown up kids" part ... do they actually live in Narnia for 15 years or so (guessing by the look of the "older" actors) and forget where they came from, only to "stumble onto" the back door of the wardrobe (and once again tumble through back when they went in)? Do the now-kids-again kids remember anything of their years as adults (and wouldn't that be a Claudia-like Hell for little Lucy)? What age would they be if they went back through? Arrrgh! It's amost enough to make me go read the book just to try to figure out what the heck the "backstory" is (which is something I would recommend to anybody encountering Kubricks 2001 for the first time, the whole "black obelisk" thing makes more sense if you read Clark's book beforehand).

Anyway, The Girls liked it well enough, and even the 5-year-old didn't get over freaked out by it all. For being a long movie, it really didn't have any "is this thing ever going to be over" moments (well, in the very beginning there were some "when the heck are they going to get on with the Narnia part?" points), and moved right along, and aside from the gaping holes where the "backstory" ought to be (what was the deal with the White Witch's torso?), it was quite enjoyable ... plus the movie let out 45 minutes prior to the kick-off on the BEARS game, so that worked out well for everybody!

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Into exile ...

The Wife has plans for us. "Us" in this case constitutes The Girls and myself. You see ... while I am generally credited to be able to work at night, The Wife conks out at 9pm, and when The Girls are around (and both are off from school for two weeks) it is very difficult for The Wife to concentrate on work, and the household descends into screaming, crying, smashing, more screaming, more crying, etc., etc., etc.

Today I dragged The Girls out to the park to feed a pound of unsalted roasted-in-the-shell peanuts to the squirrels. The last time we were out there, we couldn't find any, but today there were a couple of dozen around. I didn't get to the point where the little buggers would come up and take the peanut out of my hand ... but they did start "circling" me eventually. Unfortunately, Daughter #2 (at 5) is a bit to rambunctious for the squirrels, and they prefer to give her a good 30' "don't grab the little furry thing" zone!

After a while of doing that out in the cold, it was time to feed The Girls, so we headed over to McDonalds to get Narnia happy meal toys. These are pretty cool in that they consist of a figure and a "book" which folds out to a long pop-up background scene from the movie. So far we have #3 and #4, being Edmund and Mr. Beaver. Perhaps we will get more later this week.

Our "exile" begins tomorrow ... The Wife has researched a hotel with attached water park somewhere up in Madison, WI ... and my "assignment" is to get The Girls out of her hair for three days. Of course, when we get back, will be raked over the coals why the post card project that I'm working on hasn't gotten done ... because (silly me!) I was supposed to have figured a way to be both at my desk and away from the house at the same time.

We get back on Thursday, and will then unpack from Wisconsin and repack for Florida, with our "Santa-delivered" trip to Disney World starting before dawn on Sunday. I have a splitting sinus headache and am unenthused about everything at the moment. I did finish up another book ... and a review will be forthcoming (oh, lucky you).

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Another book ... one EVERYBODY should check out!

OK, so it's Xmas and all ... and I don't really want to get into a whole bunch of L.J. drama, so if you're one of the "Left-Leaning" folks who read my journal, it would probably behoove you to just skip the rest of this review. I'm not planning on "ranting and raving", but I'm probably going to be saying some stuff that will get your knickers all knotted, and who needs that right after all the Holiday feasting, right?

I had Unfit For Command highly recommended to me by polaris93, after she'd read it (and reviewed it in her journal). I'd sort of chided her on her sense of amazement at some of the details (as most of the "dirty laundry" had been aired extensively on the web during the last election), but, having now read this book, it is AMAZING the depths of scheming depravity that John Kerry plumbed in his sordid career.

Now, as long-time readers of this space know, I do not understand the Left ... much as I do not understand most Christians ... because 90% of what they believe in is based on blatant, outright, and poorly-concealed LIES ... lies that any sensible person looking at the situation would say a hearty "WTF??" over. And yet they are blind to the deceits of their "leaders", and willing to paint their "enemies" with the same tar with which they are so thickly covered.

I wish every American would read Unfit For Command about John Kerry, Dereliction of Duty about Bill Clinton, and Ann Coulter's remarkable book Treason for a look at how the Democratic Party came to not just be "the opposition" to the GOP, but has become a Fifth Column dedicated to aiding and abetting "all enemies foreign and domestic" to the detriment of the United States of America. Just these three books should give anybody pause about the nature of the current political landscape ... after all, John Kennedy, by today's standards, would be to the right of George Bush on most issues, when did the Democratic Party turn into a neo-Stalinist revolutionary front?

One tidbit in Unfit For Command that I found absolutely fascinating, and had, remarkably, not heard previously, was from an interview with a former KGB bigwig who outlined the level of control that Moscow had over the "anti-war" movement in the 60's and 70's ... even to laughingly saying that he should have been given credit by Kerry for writing his Fulbright Committee testimony, as virtually every "detail" in what Kerry was presenting to the Congress had been invented by KGB propagandists in his office! I don't know if John Kerry is/was a Communist per se, but he certainly has put his own personal agenda above the interests of his country at every turn ... and not just as "opinion", as there have been actions which, judged honestly and not through the far-left filter of the MSM, are treasonous at face value, no "spin" needed!

It's a tragedy that there aren't more Joe Liebermans out there (to cite the only "name" I can think of that doesn't require spitting on the ground) ... because all the Democrats seem to come up with are either criminals like the Clintons, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry, or lunatic Leftists like Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer, and the rest of that sorry lot.

As you know, I'm not a huge fan for George W. Bush, but thank The Gods that he's President now, and not either of the scumbags he defeated. I challenge anybody to read Unfit For Command with an open mind and not be glad that John Kerry is not "at the helm" of our nation! Lucky for you, this can be had for as little as 1¢ via Amazon's "new & used" service (that's what I paid!), and I highly recommend you checking it out.

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