January 15th, 2006


Books & Football ...

Yeah, doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Anyway ... I'm up to 1,318 books logged into my LibraryThing catalog ... having gotten C4-S2 with all those travel books done this evening. Talk about memories (sigh). I miss travelling. Back when I was a single Vice President in a P.R. firm, I could jet off here and there whenever I could sqeeze in some vacation time (which was the challenge). I miss it a lot. Of course these days I neither have the "freedom" or the cash ... so it's a bit of a moot point. Of course, if I landed a nice fat Lottery prize ...

There were a couple of books that I wish I could find more info on the publishers ... one is a "souvenir" book printer (well, was back in the '70s) from the U.K., and the other was a "archaeological" publisher in the 60's from Rome. I have the coolest little book from the latter, where there's a color photo of an archaeological site in Rome, with a clear plastic sheet over it with the building "painted in" so you could see what survived in context of how it originally looked, coupled with a nice concise over-view of the particular site. I'm sure they were expensive as heck to produce, but I'm surprised that this format didn't become "standard" for popular archaeological books!

I was surprised that I got to see both NFL playoff games today ... and The Wife is taking The Girls out to see a movie during the BEARS game tomorrow!

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