January 20th, 2006


How do I get "Pictures" off my User Info page?

OK, so I just started using the L.J. "Scrapbook" this month, and, frankly, compared to WebLogImages it's a royal pain in the ass to use, but I figured that since it's free I'd switch over to it.

However, it pisses me the fuck off to find there's suddenly a fucking LINK to it from my info page. If I wanted to host fucking GALLERIES I'd be on Flikr or something ... I just need some place to stick graphics so they'll show up in L.J.!

Is there anyway of making that damn "Pictures" link go away? I mean, I want to have the graphics accessible to anybody looking at my L.J., but it doesn't make any sense as a "gallery", and if that's the only fucking option, to hell with the damn "Scrapbook" piece of shit.

Anybody have any luck dealing with that? Frankly, I can't make heads or tails of the interface, and it's far less useful than WebLogImages since you have to view the image and pull up the properties to get the damn address of the image! In WebLogImages it gives you cut-and-paste image tags complete with height and width specs!

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