January 25th, 2006


Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam ...

Man ... the spammers are hell-bent on my buying some fake degrees tonight ... I've had at least a dozen identical spiels sneak through my filters all purporting to be job leads or something! I had seven at one go at one point there ... I can only imagine what crap's building up in my Junk folder (which I let grow until there are 5,000 unread pieces of spam that I then empty into the void).

At one point in time I had this very heavy 18" pipe wrench (probably still have it in some box somewhere in storage), and I have vivid fantasies of swinging that at various body parts of the Spam merchants. It's sort of like Voodoo ... they send me Spam, I crush their fingers on the astral plane ... they send me more Spam, I whup them upside the head with a big hunk of fast-moving metal (on the astral plane, of course) ... maybe at some point they'll wonder why their health is failing! Of course, it would be so much more fun to actually be able to beat some of those motherfuckers to death, but this world is just too damn P.C. for that, isn't it?

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Spam update ...

Wow ... I just got another five of that same stupid Spam about getting a bogus MBA ... I think that's 10 today, on top of at least 10 yesterday ... one would think that the "junk filters" in ThunderBird would start to recognize this and steer it out of my in-box! The only thing that I can think of that could be keeping it from getting caught by the filters is that the letter doesn't have a URL in it ... just a phone number to call.

Interesting, the phone number is to some "Competitive Local Exchange Carrier" number in Seattle, WA and the service I was using to check the exchange (thedirectory.org) had this warning on this sort of number: "There may or may not be additional charges when dialing these prefixes." ... so I'm thinking that these guys are FLOODING out these e-mails with a phone number that, when you call, smacks you with service charges much like the "809 scam", just hoping that you'll get pissed enough to start calling to bitch!

Sneaky bastards. They need to DIE!

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Wow ... how odd!

I've been poking around the web, looking for printers that take the same BCI-24 ink cartridges as our current Canon printers (the i350 and ip1500 models) ... and I was amazed to see what some folks were charging for these!

A few years back got fed up with having to get a half a dozen different ink cartridges for the various printers we have here, and got us all new Canon printers that used the same cartridges (and then found a place where I could get knock-off cartridges for pennies on the dollar of the Canon branded ones!). Well, I'm looking to upgrade on one or two of them at this point, so was out looking in Froogle and the like.

What amazed me is seeing the places that were selling things like the i350 (which had a list price of $59.99 when it came out) for as much as $150.00! I mean, come on, this printer (while quite reliable), was a cheapy when it came out ... how is it suddenly selling for nearly 3x the original price???

I wish I could find a simple list of Canon printers that was sorted by cartridge type ... for instance, the Pixma ip1600 (which I've seen touted as just a "later release" of the ip1500) takes the much more expensive "40" cartridges rather than the BCI-24s ... I've written Canon a couple of times but only get "canned responses" about supplies (obviously not reaching living breathing "help" there).

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