February 1st, 2006


Ch-ch-ch-changes ...

Went downtown to talk to a school about new training.

Too bad I spent a year of my life (and $15,000) on the programming thing (knocking down a 4.0 in a course which 96% of folks didn't even finish) only to not even be able to get a fucking interview for a job.

No ... we're rolling back our expectations in order to have me producing some income. It looks like I'm going to Bartending School to learn how to sling booze for a living. Hasta la vista "Right Livelihood"!

The current "concept" (courtesy The Wife who has never seen me take a drink, let alone toss back a litre of gin a day) is that if I get trained in a bartending job, I could have some time flexibility, working (for example) at one of big convention hotels on lunch and late evening functions, and still being available to drag The Girls around in the morning and afternoon. The good news is that a hotel bartender in Chicago can make $60k pretty easily. The bad news is ... well you can figure out what the bad news is.

Something tells me that it's a rare day that hotel ends up hiring a CMP for a "manual labor" job. I hope having the resume that I have will not prevent me from being hired! On the other hand, if I do get a hotel gig, once "on staff" I hope that folks internally might recognize that they have somebody pouring drinks who is qualified to be Food & Beverage Director!

Man, this job market sucks.

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Hmmm ....

This morning, without explanation, every apartment in our building (660 units) had a copy of The New York Times outside the door. I would guess that while some people in the building do subscribe to the Times, that the number who do so are probably in the 5% range of the total apartments. So why are the other 95% of us getting a free copy of the Times TODAY?

I can't help thinking that this is a deliberate propoganda move by the Left. After all, the political stance of The New York Times is only marginally less hard-Left than the Socialist Workers Party's The Militant ... so why would it be the day after Bush's "State of the Union" address that a blatantly anti-Bush newspaper gets a huge "free copy" push? Call me paranoid, but I'm guessing it's to "flood" the market with their Leftist "spin", trying to drown out the more balanced voices of the Tribune and Sun-Times!

Sedition ... it's what The Left serves up for breakfast!

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Don't you hate the idiots who mis-use "Godwin's Law"?

I have found myself editing several posts of late (generally on the subject of Hamas' vicotry) to avoid any quite logical comparisons to the electoral victroy of the Nazi party in 1930's Germany. This has pissed me off on several levels (as frequent readers of this space no doubt suspect, I hate having to edit myself), and especially because it's all to avoid the predictable flaming by idiots who will cite "Godwin's Law" without understanding it!

Now, I know that Wikipedia has been getting some flak of late on my Friends List for the reliability of its information, but I'd like to bring the whole fucking world's attention to this snippet from their article about "Godwin's Law"...
On Usenet there was a trend toward demonizing opponents in arguments by comparing the position they held to that of Hitler or the Nazis, in Godwin's own words "a trivialization I found both illogical and offensive." So, in 1990, Godwin developed the law as a counter-meme and began posting it in Usenet discussions after such a comparison occurred.
{emphasis mine} ... Note that the focus of "Godwin's Law" is on the ad hominem attacks that are predictable to develop in Web arguments ... and that when one side starts accusing the other of being "a Nazi" (or comparing them to the Nazis), the former "loses".

Unfortunately, there are a lot of weenies who will chirp up with "Godwin's Law" ANYTIME the Nazis are used as a point of reference. These idiots need to be beaten, or possibly shot in the face. Oh, yeah, call me a Nazi for that one ... go ahead!

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