February 7th, 2006


Bitch, bitch, bitch ...

OK, so it is currently the 7th of February ... if my rudimentary math skills do not fail me, that means that it is ONE MONTH past the most recent USPS rate increase (which went into effect on January 8th). Is it, I wonder, too much to ask that maybe, just maybe, they would HAVE THE FUCKING STAMPS FOR THE NEW RATE AVAILABLE????

Yes, they do have the "unpriced" 1st class stamps available, and now the first new 39¢ commemoratives out (interestingly, they managed to change the value at the last minute on the Chinese New Year stamp collection so those are coming out priced at the new rate). However, for some reason they have NOT bothered to get out the RATHER ESSENTIAL "second ounce"/"post card" 24¢ stamps. Hell, it took them until this past weekend to even update their web site to indicate that you would need an extra 1¢ stamp to go wih the 23¢ stamps they still had listed for post cards!

Why am I bitching, you ask? Well, I have sitting here a couple of large boxes containing 5,000 post cards which I just spent the past couple of days sticking mailing labels onto ... and I can't get the fucking postage I need to get the damn things OUT! I have tried three different "local" post offices to get the stamps (which, at this point, are going to have to be two stamps per, pretty much DOUBLING the time it's going to take me to finish this up) I need, and I've been Shit Out of Luck so far.

So, tomorrow I'm going to have to make a special journey down to the South Loop (well, beyond the South Loop, into the "over the river" zone) to go to the Main Post Office, where hopefully they will be able to sell me the needed 10,000 stamps.

I was told today that it's going to be another month before the new stamps are out. This is just fucking insane! The USPS should be prevented from activating a price increase until such time as it can provide stamps at the new rate! They really had their heads up their asses on this one ... even our delivery guy was saying that they didn't have the usual meetings for Post Office employees about it ... and (as posted about in here previously), I sure as hell didn't see anything about the increase until it was already in effect!

Bitch, bitch, bitch ... but I am NOT happy at the prospect of having to spend 12 hours sticking on 10,000 stamps instead of the 6 hours it would take if they just had the fucking 24¢ stamps ready!

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My brain hurts ...

Well ... went off for a PTA meeting this morning (always fun, uh-huh) and then proceeded down to The Main Post Office. I'm glad that I didn't venture down there last night (The Main Post Office is open 24/7 but getting there involves a lot of wandering through areas ideal for the disposal of bodies) as somehow the idea of sitting around late at night waiting for the bus while carrying $1,200.00 worth of stamps would not have been the best idea.

Speaking of stamps ... as I feared, I am having to put TWO stamps on each of the 5,000 post cards, nearly doubling the time involved. I am, so far, about 1/4 of the way done ... and am currently taking a "sanity break" from the monotony of peel-stick-flip-peel-stick-flip-peel-stick-flip (repeat 10,000 times).

I was bummed when downtown ... the bus stop I was waiting at for my return with the stamps was across the street from what had been a favorite restaurant of my Mom's, Michael Foley's Printers Row, which was now half a Chase branch and half a Potbelly sandwich shop ... to add to the bummer of it's disappearance, I also noticed that another very good place, Prairie, had gone from the other corner of the same block. It's getting to the point that the only restaurants that I know are ones that have closed. :-(

I did manage to knock down another book over the past few days, but I'm thinking on holding off on the review until I need to take another break from the postage. I just fired up a pot of coffee, and am hoping to at least get halfway done with this tonight.

I am sore in all sorts of stange places due to the small, but frequent, motions involved in getting the stamps onto the post cards ... I will be very happy when I finally get a chance to schedule a real night's sleep (I've been doing 2-hours here, 2-hours there for the past week or so).

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