February 12th, 2006


Arrrgh ...

OK ... I'm getting pretty fed up with this "randomly logged out" of L.J. thing ... I mean, what the fuck?! I go to catch up on my Friends List reading and then suddenly discover that I've missed a shitload of posts, since I'm not seeing any of the "friends-only" posts because LJ has seen fit to log me off! Pain in the fucking ass. I feel like getting on some stompy boots and reducing somebody to a greasy spot on the damn carpet!

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Finally ... a L.T. "Zeitgeist" update!

Ever since the recent issues that Library Thing has had, the various "rankings" have not updated in their Zeitgeist section, however tonight I see those have caught up (at least as far as stuff I'm tracking is concerned) and I'm currently the #94 "most prolific reviewer" on the site!

As I'm griped about here previously, what constitutes a "review" over there can be a one-word entry into the review field (such as "SUCKED!"), which would count as much as a review as one of my much-worked-on and well-thought-out 500-word reviews. I suppose that if I was really obsessed with inflating that number I could go back into my library and "review" books with what I could recall of them ... but I'm only doing reviews of new books as I read them.

As far as library size goes, I'm still some 200 books off of the "top 100" board, and I suspect the current number of un-logged read books is around 120 (those "buried" behind several cubic feet of "stuff" that I've not had the inspiration to excavate as yet), with maybe a total of 150 books if I logged in all the various Bibles, etc that I didn't feel like dealing with when I was doing Bookcase #1 (although that would be much easier now since L.T. added on Library of Congress number look-up ... which would make those zillion of pre-ISBN books much more likely to show up on search and not need to be manually entered!).

Of course, if I logged in all my to-be-read books I'd be on that list easy (I'm guessing in the mid-80's), but I just can't seem to bring myself to log in stuff to my LibraryThing catalog that I've just bought but not read (although there are a lot of L.T. users who have their "wish lists" in their catalogs and stuff they've never even read).

Ah ... yeah, "Like you care!"

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