February 18th, 2006


Cold enough for ya?

Geez. I guess we're "lucky" in that the rain and the cold came separately this week (it was drenching rain pretty much all day on Thursday) or we'd have gotten a couple of feet of snow or something, but the cold that came in today is insane. The Wife had problems yesterday with the rental car because the locks froze, and this morning (when I had to go deal with said car at 9am) it was 0° out with a wind-chill of about -20°! Fortunately, they must have gotten just enough of that lock de-icer stuff in there because I was able to get into the car (last night one side was frozen) to move it to a meter nearer to us (as usual, especially for a Friday night, the best we could do for parking was about six blocks away).

I guess we haven't had real ugly cold like this for a while, because I was surprised at how quickly my fingers froze up ... even with good gloves, my fingers were pretty cold by the time I'd walked down to where we'd parked, and by the time I got going with the car I was pretty much having to use my palms to steer. It was quite a challenge just getting the quarters in the meter once I found a spot, and the meter was just on the verge of not working, and I probably "lost" three quarters when it didn't register them going in.

It looks, though, like this is just going to be a 1-day thing, with the temps back up to the 20's tomorrow and back up over freezing by mid-week. We've been so spoiled with mild weather this winter that this came as a shock, even though it's hardly unusual to have single-digit temperatures and sub-zero windchills in Chicago in February!

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