March 12th, 2006


It's not brain surgery, but ...

OK, I'm starting to freak out about my "final exam" tomorrow ... yes, Bartending School has whipped by that fast. While most of the "written" parts of the test I'm sure I'll do fine on, I am really worried about the "making cocktails on paper" part. I mean, when you're slinging bottles around you can "fudge" a bit ... but tomorrow there will be like 18 drinks that I'll need to spell out ... what glass ... what method of preparation ... what garnish ... what ingredients and in what quantities? It's that last one that's a killer for me ... I am no good at straight-forward memorization, and never have been (I took extra Physics and Biology classes in high school just to avoid taking Chemistry ... the final of which invovled having to fill in the Periodic Table from memory!). While I can retain all sorts of random information, I'm finding that I have only the most tenuous grasp on what gets an ounce, what a half ounce, what a quarter ounce, etc. Then there's the garnish issue ... I'm having to mantra-ize "a Side Car gets a sugar rim ... a Side Car gets a sugar rim" and then trying to add on the "Cherry or Flag". Hell, the last three times I went over my cards I forgot that a Margarita had fucking Triple Sec in it ... arrrgh!

I just got done typing up the "test review" section from the text book (they pretty much walk you through all the stuff that is likely to be asked) ... since if I don't type it I don't really know it. I was surprised that I had to do some research on the web to fill in some stuff ... Pino Grigio and Shiraz weren't in the book except as questions ... but at least that's all lined up. I have a bit more "paperwork" to do (making legible copies of my notes from doing a "treasure hunt" at the liquor store), but it's mainly cranking through the damn cards. So far I think I'm up to 4 perfect out of 18 cards. I need to be there in 9.5 hours. I am not a happy camper!

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