March 16th, 2006


Wow ...

My curiosity was sparked by justgoto's post about his 112 available userpics ... yeah, I'd seen the "news" post about the new deal on the userpics, but figured since I'd only used 38 out of my previous 100 (as a Permanent Account holder), that I hadn't thought of how many I might have at this point ... well, since it was in my head, I decided to take a peek, and I currently have 132 total userpic slots! I guess I should get busy making some new ones.

Hmm ... if I recall correctly, one gets an extra for every month one has a "paid" account ... I guess that means that I "paid" for 32 out of the 70 months I've been on L.J. (5/5/2000 start date) ... I'm thinking that my time as a "permanent account" may not figure in there, as I don't think I was a free user for the first 38 months here ... I'll have to go back and see when I started to discuss buying a paid account.

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No interviews ... just paperwork ...

I guess if I was applying to bars per se, I'd have been "interviewed", but since I've started with convention hotels, all I've done is paperwork so far. It was pretty depressing to get into a suit and head down to these places (which I've done press events, and even stayed at) and ended up in grim hallways filling out long forms. I really feel like a big fucking loser tonight.

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