March 17th, 2006


Doctor Who ...

Well, saw the new Doctor Who tonight on SciFi ... how odd to see that show with a real effects budget!

I have 35 or so videotapes, each with 2-4 episodes on them (most have 4) from "back in the day" when our local PBS station would run Dr. Who on Sunday nights. Daughter #1 picked one at random to watch, and ended up getting to see some of the First Doctor ... William Hartnell. I went and pulled season/episode lists off the BBC site to get a sense of what I have and what I'm missing. Was showing #1 all the various Doctors before the show came on tonight.

I rather liked the Ninth Doctor ... I would have said "the new Doctor", but I see that this guy only lasts a season, and has already been supplanted by the Tenth Doctor (since these Time Lords are only supposed to get 12 regenerations, they better hope the new one sticks!) ... and look forward to seein the rest of this season. All the other cast members stay on into the 10th's shows (at least according to the program listing on IMDB), so there is some continuity.

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