March 20th, 2006


La di dah ...

I'm sure that everybody will be fascinated to discover that now you can browse through the "gaphical shelf view" of my LibraryThing catalog and see covers of the past 310 books I've read! This represents all of bookCase #08, and nearly all of bookCase #09 (I still have the past half-shelf worth in a box under my desk, with their eventual target shelf, Shelf #4, still holding unread books).

Now, when I'm feeling neurotic and in the mood for a good obsessive-compulsive task, I can start scanning backwards through the other 8 bookcases! Some of the covers do show up presently (due to Amazon having them in their system ... which is the default graphic for LibraryThing listings), but frequently they're not the right graphic, so I'm probably just going to scan and edit everything so I know that "my" covers are what is showing up on screen.

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