March 23rd, 2006


Supporting a freedom even if it's not on your top 10 list ...

OK, so I'm a conservative Libertarian, and not a huge supporter of abortion-on-demand (being of the "Safe, Legal, & Rare" camp on the subject). However, I found the following quite inspiring ...

To combat South Dakota's recent ban on virtually all abortions, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, trained as a nurse, has begun the process to open up a fully-functional Planned Parenthood clinic on the grounds of the Pine Ridge Reservation (where the Religious Reich can't do squat about it).

This is the sort of grass-roots action for freedom that is a shining example to the rest of us ... it would be worthwhile to at least become conversant with the situation out there ... if not actually helping them out with some donations!

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Oh, yeah ...

We're sick around here ... that stomach bug that's running around hit us bad last night ... The Wife, Daugther #1, and I were playing toilet tag all night with all of us running from both ends. I guess Daughter #2 had this (without the obvious speweing) a few days ago (she was home sick Monday and Tuesday). and it just took it this long to show up in us. Bleh. Both The Wife and I were pretty much knocked out all day ... finally was able to hold down some food about an hour ago.

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I'm bummed ...

I had had a call-back from one of the hotels last night, and I got a hold of the guy this afternoon ... we scheduled an interview for Tuesday (he'd wanted me to come in tomorow, and I explained how that might not be the best idea, given the puking/shitting thing that was going on today). So, I was all excited about maybe getting a job ... and at a place that's only like 3 blocks away from home!

Then, around 8pm, I get a call ... turns out they hired two bartenders this afternoon. Don't need me. Cancelled the Tuesday appointment. Back to square one. They're going to "keep my application on file" just in case one of these guys doesn't work out. He did ask if I wanted to inteview as a cocktail server ... I said that being that as I was just out of bartending school, I'd really rather focus on doing that. This is not getting any less depressing.

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