March 25th, 2006


Wow ... that's, uh ... interesting ...

I was digging up some URLs for upcoming reviews of the books I'm currently reading, and went to pull up the Amazon page for my most recently reviewed book (see here) and was confused to be getting a 404 page from Amazon. Having been in the "book biz" before, I'm trying to sort of what might have happened with this title ... as I noted in my review, I got it as a "discount book" (although still through Amazon proper) for $5.99 and I figured (since the book is not listed on Llewellyn's web site) that it had been discontinued and Amazon was just moving out the available stock. Well, it appears that the reason for the 404 page was that the discount page listing had gone away, but the book hadn't, in fact it was back at its list price plus a "special order" surcharge! This all seems a bit strange to me, and the part of my brain that thinks it's still in publishing is aching to know the "how come it happened like that?" details ... or dirt, if there is any!

Anyway ... if you were thinking of picking that up for $5.99 from Amazon, I guess you missed the boat ... but there's still the new/used vendors selling new copies for as little as $2.50 (ain't I just a font of useful info?).

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