March 27th, 2006


Well, now if somebody would just HIRE me ...

I was very pleased to find that the name bartender had been abandoned and purged and was sitting there just waiting for somebody to come along with a $15 L.J. re-name token ... so, now I have yet another L.J. identity to keep track of (oh, come on, you know some of them ... like btripp_books)!

As I noted, I thought I'd try keeping a "bar journal" that I could spin out stories in, which might at some point provide the material for me to write something that some folks might find interesting enough to buy in book form. I figure that $16.00 for the voice recorder I got last week plus the $15.00 for the re-name isn't going to break me. Now, of course, I just need to find somebody to frigging hire me!

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I know that I'm a "stat freak", and I know that I'm "over-competitive" and all ... but it bugs the HECK of out me when I see my LibraryThing numbers slipping. Right now it looks like (the figures in the "Zeitgeist" haven't updated since my most recent addition) I'm tied at the #100 slot for "most prolific reviewers", which is down considerably from where I had been. What just kills me is that "reviews" like "Recommended." or "Wonderful book." or "A good read." (to take a few examples from LT users just ahead of me on the list!) count as reviews as much as my 500-word postings do! It sometimes makes me want to plow through my SciFi bookcase and do shit like "pretty cover" or "cool title" or "bad condition" in the damn review field just to jerk these other "reviewers" around.

I suppose that if there is one thing I hate about LibraryThing it's the ability of people to do things which I consider dishonest or unethical and have them stand on the same footing as my efforts. For instance, there are users there who log in their wishlists as part of their library! These are books they don't own, they haven't read, and yet "have" them in L.T. ... now I don't mind somebody doing visualization magick, but don't fuck up the stats with it, OK? Morons who do one-word "reviews" debase the work of the many users who DO put forth the effort of writing something (and I don't even mind seeing a cogent one-paragraph synopsis) about a book. For Gods' sakes, there's a Comment field right there that if you want to put in "Good.", knock yourself out, just don't pretend that it qualifies as a "Review"!

Frankly, I just had a dust-up last week over on the LT Google Group over the "honesty" of adding stuff you haven't read to your library. Hell, I could go to a swap meet or something and buy a couple of thousand dime paperbacks and double the size of my library ... but would it MEAN anything (aside from creating even more of a fire hazard in here)? No! I mean, come on ... in an institutional library, you list everything because you're expecting folks to come and use it ... a personal library should be more like one's "intellectual resume", not a list of stuff you simply no longer have to shop for! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Obviously, this is the point where my obsessive-compulsive stuff crosses with my other neuroses and creates a monster ... but it bugs the shit out of me if I end up thinking about this stuff.

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panic attacks ...

Bleh. I hate 'em. It has taken me weeks just to open this credit card bill ... but every time I've tried, I'm over-whelmed by panic, not wanting to see not wanting to "go there" ... and it's not like I can't pay, my Brother just sent another (perhaps second-to-last) check as he winds down my Mom's estate (he'd kept a big chunk of change out for finalizing the taxes, which I guess are cleared up now), but it's all so stressful, so demanding, and knowing that when the money is gone it's GONE.

Anyway, I got the envelope open, now I just need to make the damn calls stop.

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Well ...

I'm going off to apply for a bartending gig at one of those "Gaucho" places (if I get hired there, I'm gong to have to learn to pronounce Churrascaria).

I ate at this one last fall (when my Brother came out to take a truck load of my Mom's stuff back east) and it's huge with a "hip bar" upstairs. These places are expensive, so I'd think the tip flow at the bar would be pretty decent ... plus it's only about 8 blocks from home. I still think I'd rather do the Hotel gig thing, but I'm not hearing the phone ring so far. I've got a handful of places to hit in person this week, plus a few that want faxes (meaning I need to come up with some tap-dancing for a cover letter).

If I get hired at this place I hope the bartenders don't have to wear the goofy gaucho costume!

{edit - 3:30pm}
(sigh) ... the info said "apply in person between X and Y hours" ... I wait until they are "officially" between Lunch and Dinner ... I show up, and there's no manager available. One of the Gauchos offers to take my resume (which is, of course, just peachy for some corporate job, doesn't say much about bartending except that I got the certificate) but can't provide me with an application. I figure it's another place I'll never hear from. I know it's just paranoia, but this sure FEELS like every other job search I've ever attempted ... fire out the resumes, and die of old age before anybody calls.

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