April 12th, 2006


I must be STOOOPID ...

But I can't get Wikipedia to come up with ANY results for my birthdate ... yet I see dozens of people on my FL successfully completing a meme about searching on their birthdate! I've tried inputting the date in various formats and still get "no results". I suspect that there must be some "secret format" that I am not privy to which would allow one to plug in a date and have it come up with a list of things, but I've just wasted a substantial chunk of time on this with "no results" ... dammit.

Oh, DUH! ... I was inputting both the date and the year and not just the date. But now I don't feel like playing the game :-(

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My sick mind ...

One of the side effects of going down to Phoenix and indulging in my "archaeological tourism" vices is that I now rather desperately want to register HoHoCAM.com and set up a web cam on a plate of HoHos. I'm actually rather disappointed that nobody has done this previously.

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