April 18th, 2006


Not a good day ...

Today was a SNAFU from start to finish. I'd gotten a new set of leads from the placement office of the Bartending school last week, and one of them was the same Churrascaria that I'd tried to apply at several weeks ago. Since that time I went in the early afternoon (and the info I was given was that I could apply any time from 9-5), and there was no hiring manager around, I figured I'd get down there early. Well, at 9:45am the place was locked up, lights out, nobody home. This screwed up the timing for the rest of the day ... I ended up coming home and then going out later to a local place (a Division St. bar, which I was a bit hesitant about, but the placement office said the bar's info said "a great place to get your feet wet" so I figured they were at least open to "raw" bartenders). Unfortunately, when I got there the manager I ran into indicated that they were not hiring, but were always taking applications, but ... he didn't give me an application, just took a copy of my resume. The whole vibe of it was like him saying "AS IF!" to hiring me. I got a faxed resume off to a health club that needed a bartender at their in-house restaurant, but I managed to space off signing the cover letter before I faxed it, so I figure that's in their trash by now too.

Tomorrow I have four places I'm hoping to apply to (including that Churrascaria again, maybe somebody will be there around 4pm!), although one of which (a cruise boat) I'm probably going to have to call about (it looks like their office is in the owner's home on the south side) as I don't think showing up at their slip in Burnham Harbor is going to do anything but make me want to drown myself.

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