May 8th, 2006


Hmmm ... hadn't seen THAT before ...

So, there I was, checking out a journal of a LJ user who'd posted something in a community, and there was a strange banner at the top of their journal page ... with my user pic, and some "menu options" ... and I say "Oh, so that's how they're keeping paid/permanent accounts from seeing the ads!". At least I assume that free/sponsored users would have seen an ad banner up there.

Odd that this is the first time that I've stumbled across that.

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Got interviewed by PC Magazine today ...

No ... not that sort (job) of interview, unfortunately ... a talk-about-something sort of interview, specifically, about LibraryThing.

This writer had posted a note on the LibraryThing Google Group looking for volunteers, and I'd e-mailed him saying I'd be happy to help, and he called this afternoon. I don't know if I'm specifically what he was looking for (I don't browse much through other people's libraries, and his story angle was about "social networking"), but it was fun to get to blither on about something that I like on-line!

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