May 10th, 2006


Oh, and while I'm beating myself up ...

I've always considered myself a superb "multi-takser", able to juggle a dozen projects while keeping them all moving towards successful completion.

I am beginning to think I mis-judged.

While it is true that I can keep a lot of stuff going in one context, I'm finding that I have a terrible time switching between things. When I was in P.R., I could do all sorts of P.R. things at once. When I was in Publishing, I could be doing a wide array of things for the company at once, when I was doing the I.T. job search, I was all over the board with things I was doing. However, none of those required me to be doing stuff simultaneously in different psychic environments.

Right now, I am being forced to try to keep my attention spread over stuff for the Tutoring biz, stuff for that catering gig, and an on-going bartending job search ... and I'm discovering that I just can't do it!. Over the past couple of months while I've been looking for a bartending job, I've been painfuly aware that my "data banks" were getting stale, because I couldn't focus on the job search AND trying to memorize drink recipes at the same time ... I'd sort of pushed that off, thinking "well, if I get hired, I can really cram to get that info refreshed in my mind", but at this point I've been looking for work three times as long as I was in school to learn the stuff. It's even worse with the Club Z! stuff ... I have to be totally focused on that when I'm doing it, or I start "losing bits and pieces" of projects if I'm starting and stopping and having to change gears between getting our Spring promo stuff ready and looking for a bar job. This past weekend was a TOTAL waste when I was running around trying to get my Tux complete (for the catering gig) because I just couldn't work on any of the other stuff at the same time.

Frankly, I've gotten so frustrated about this, that a LOT of times (when I could/should have been working on something) I just "coccooned" with a book to escape. Sure, that adds more "notches" in my LibraryThing catalog, but puts me that much farther behind on everything else.

The Wife and I just had a big shouting match about this ... while I'm trying to get the promo materials ready for us to run around to the (70-odd) schools in our area, she's on my ass about the job search ... and I counter that if I'm going to be "on call" for the catering, it's going to be hard to have me wandering around the city filling out applications. ARRRRRRGH! This is making me crazy.

Obviously, I have no idea of how the catering thing is actually going to go, but the vibe I get from it makes me think that I will be totally unavailable for any of The Girls' activities, uable to go out looking for "real jobs" and unable to effectively do anything for the tutoring biz.

It seems like there is NOTHING that ever happens "good" that doesn't bring at least as much "bad" in the door with it, and the way things are going, for every 35% of "good", there's a hidden 65% of "bad" that you just can't see until it sucker punches you.

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Oh, and there's this ...

We had a rental car over the weekend. Which means that I was listening to the radio (an activity that is limited for me to pretty much just those times when I'm in a rental car). Monday morning at some point Cheap Trick's song Dream Police came on, and I've not been able to shake it since.

Needless to say, there is a twisted, recursive quality of not being able to get a song out of one's head when the whole song is about not being able to get something out of one's head ... at least I haven't been dreaming it yet!

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I may have to go over to Nielsen's restaurant and yell at him next week (it's a block or so from where Ducky is doing a book signing here), if this isn't out of my head by then!

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