May 11th, 2006


Bad TV ...

I really don't watch much TV ... Stargate, BSG, Dr. Who, occasional CSI and Law & Order, and poker when there's nothing else ... and every once in a while I'm starkly reminded why I don't watch more.

Tonight I was flipping between a few shows, hoping that something would be interesting enough to kill an hour or so, and I tried to watch this movie on the SciFi channel. Now, I know to avoid SciFi on Saturday nights like the plague, because the crap they show is SO bad, but this A.I. Assault looked like it might have some promise, featuring a number of assorted Star Trek shows' alumni. In the opening scene, an army guy must have fired fifty rounds (maybe more) from a handgun without reloading (before getting himself decapitated), which should have given me all the data I needed about the plausibility level of the show (note to government scientists on top secret self-actuating weapons programs: don't make it so easy for the killer robots to come to life the next time ... these must have been on a mercury switch or something since they were activated by bad turbulence on the the 747 that Sulu was piloting). I mean, it's bad enough that the guy is trying to take down giant killer robots with a handgun from the back of a speeding pick-up truck, but the "magic unlimited bullet supply" is just insulting to the audience. Bleh.

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It must be the "lyric posting" moon phase ...

I've noticed other folks on my F.L. going into spasms of lyric postings ... and I've had one that just rings so true for me at the moment that I'm jumping on that bandwagon. I've been listening to Gang Of Four's compilation "A Brief History of the Twentieth Century" over the past few days, and it struck me tonight just how much Paralysed sounded like the story of my life of late ...

Blinkered, paralyzed
Flat off my back
They say I was built with endeavour
But every man is for himself
Wealth is for the one that wants it
Paradise - if you can earn it
History is the reason
I'm washed up

Blinkered, paralyzed
Flat off my back
My ambitions come to nothing
What I wanted now just seems a waste of time
I can't make out what has gone wrong
I was good at what I did

Curse come home to roost
And I'm the dupe

- Gang Of Four
These guys had one of the all-time best live shows ... I saw them several times, with all permutations of bass player (a couple of shows with original member Dave Allen, then both Busta Cherry Jones and Sara Lee on subsequent tours). When I think back on those days I recall them being one of my hugely favorite bands (What We All Want was my get-psyched-up-to-go-out-at-1am tune), and it's odd how infrequently I am able to remember them when spewing out lists of bands (this probably has a lot to do with not having their early albums on CD).


I feel old and discarded and useless.

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