May 18th, 2006


ouch ouch ouch

I got to today's assignment at about 6:20am and was on my feet (with one 15-minute break to snag a quick bite) until 4:00pm ... OUCH! ... needless to say, it feels like somebody had been hitting the bottoms of my feet with a baseball bat.

Tomorrow I'm having to spend all day at this "earth sciences" place with Daughter #1's class (a "previous commitment" for which I had to go off for a training day a week or so back!), then whip home, change back into my tux, and head off to the bartending gig. To be "more prepared" I dropped by the Bartending School today to buy one of their "kits", a briefcase with cutting board, knife, ice scoop, speed pours, jiggers, bottle openers, etc. ... just in case I end up having to cut my own fruit, etc. I'm still needing to grill myself on bar stuff tonight (I started on some basic "crib sheet" stuff yesterday), so I don't do a blank stare when somebody orders a Rusty Nail or a Cosmopolitan.

The hiring/scheduling guy at the catering company (whose "pet account" this bar gig is) said I'd probably be surprised at how much pouring wine and opening beer I'd be doing, as opposed to whipping up cocktails. I just hope that nobody gets the idea that it would be cute to play "stump the (new) Bartender". I am bringing both the school's book (got another copy in the kit) and the one I'd picked up a week or so back. Hopefully nobody will mind if I have to look up something (like a Mojito ... not that I'm likely to have mint leaves handy anyway!).

I wonder how you handle doing a "water back" (officially speaking, all cocktails with more than 2oz of booze in them should be served with a glass of water on the side) at a cocktail party ... seems counter-intuitive, yes?

Anyway, I hope I'm not dying by the time I get to the party ... my shift is scheduled for six hours, and I'd hate to be spending half of that time babying owwwie feet!

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