June 7th, 2006


I am the Nanny ...

Sure my job search is "important" ... sure it is.

Except for whenever it is inconvenient for The Wife to have Daughter #2 around ... then my getting her out of the house is the ONLY priority. Who cares about how backed up I am on everything after a week with no computers? Yep ... nobody. The Wife can't handle the distraction of having a six-year-old in the house, so she must be taken elsewhere.

Yesterday #2 and I ended up down at the Field Museum for a few hours (we were planning on going to the Aquarium, but the lines were insane just to get in and our memberships had expired so we were going to have to wait with the zillions of folks who were there for "free Tuesday"). The one good thing that came of that was that I was able to get an XXL white polo shirt on sale at Target on our way home (museum trips are often coupled with Target shopping due to the new Target on Roosevelt), which I was going to need for a "bartending" (it's really just "beerpouring") gig up at Northwestern on Saturday.

I guess today we're going to do the Zoo and the Nature Museum.

I'm going to need to score some pharmaceutical speed at this rate if I'm ever going to get caught up with the crap I'm trying to get caught up with!

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