June 16th, 2006


Oh, well ...

Since nobody was coming up with suggestions of how to blow through the last bits of that Amazon gift certificate (which is expiring in the next few days), I decided to try the LibraryThing "Pssst!" function ... I'd noted previously that what comes up on the "People with your books also have: - non-fiction books" list are pretty much ALL stuff that I'd like to have, but hadn't ever quite acquired (well except for one or two things which I do own but are still on my to-be-read shelves), so I've been popping in suggestions from there into the Amazon search thing and seeing what can be had for cheap (I got Richard Hoagland's "Monuments of Mars" for 1¢ plus shipping!). I'm constantly amazed that it's frequently cheaper to get a copy of the original hardcover edition (which is often in "like new" condition) than it is to get a used copy of a more recent paperback ... go figure!

I also got my first CD from the batch I've been ordering ... "Record Head" in West Allis, WI processed my order from 6/12 and it was in the mailbox this morning, meaning it was in the mail yesterday, 6/15 ... that's fast service! So I'm sitting here listening to Swarf Sisters' "Midwife Crisis" (the album that featured the awesome track Goa that's on a number of compilations) while I type this, having paid less than five bucks for it, with shipping. Go me, eh?

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