July 25th, 2006


long time since I made an eBay post ...

But I was happy to get Daughter #1 a new set of shin guards for Karate ... somehow one of hers went missing (we're still trying to figure out how/when/where that happened) and she really does need two for sparring. Unfortunately, the shin guards cost like $35.00 up at Dojo, and I've not been particularly enthused about shelling out that kind of money for them. I'd been surprised, however, at how little "used" martial arts equipment is on eBay ... you would think that there would be a fairly constant stream of stuff from folks whose kids got into classes and then dropped out (our outgrew their sparring gear) ... but there's really not much out there. Fortunately, I was able to find a pair of shin guards that will work for her (OK, they'll be a little large ... they're about an inch or so bigger than her current ones), but I was able to get them, with shipping, for just under $9.00, so about 1/4 of what we'd otherwise have to pay. Go me.

Pokemon cards? Dunno ... she's seemed to have lost interest. She still plays the GameBoy Pokemon games a lot, but the cards seem to have faded (the past couple of years her friends at summer camp were really into them, but I guess not this year). I'd gotten her a bunch of fairly rare holographic cards for either her birthday or Xmas but she has pretty much ignored them, so I figure I'm not going to be knocking myself out trying to find more of them on-line ... although the collector in me is dying over the fact that we've not gotten ANY cards from the past 2 (or possibly 3) new sets!

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just venting - LibraryThing

It really pisses me off when people over on L.T. use the "review" field to put in a "blurb" or less, and yet that ends up counting as much as a 600-word essay in the "most prolific reviewers" listing! And, that's not the worst of it ... I mean it's bad enough when the so-called review is as minimal as "not his best", but it pisses me off to see (as I did last night) a "review" of "not yet read". I want to beat these people in the face with a 2x4! Grrrrrrr ...

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Looking for an old OS ...

Anybody out there have a clue where I might be able to score (hopefully, cheaply) a W98se disk or a "cached" download of the SE upgrade?

I still need to keep my old system functional to be able to access stuff I have on Zip disks (it has a Zip drive), so I can't really just yank the HD out, but I'm finding the fact that it just has W98 on it problematic, because I can't get it to do a lot of stuff that needs W98se. When SE came out, I guess it was a free download upgrade from Microsoft, but I've not been able to find a W98se disk (for less than a lot of money, that is). I'm hoping that somebody out there might know of an archive that would have a cached version of the upgrade, or a version they could burn to a CD for me. It's amazing what a W98 system can't do that a W98se system can ... and I'd like to be able to make some of that stuff happen on my old computer!

Thanks ...

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