July 28th, 2006


Good News and Bad News

Well ... I got called in for a meeting with the HR department, took the drug test, etc., and signed the "offer sheet" from the Hotel. That's the Good News.

The Bad News, of course, is that the gig is just for an "on-call/part-time" banquet bartending position which pays only $6.15 and hour (plus tips), which makes it likely to be hardly worth my time/effort in a cash-flow sense, but from a "job training" and "solid item on the resume" standpoint, I guess I can look at it like I'm at school or something.

The particular property is in transition from Hotel Brand X to Hotel Brand Y (moving from a corporate-owned deal to a "franchised" deal), which is bad because I would have liked to have been "in the house" for the Big Corporate Name that's now going to be on the door, but could be good because with chaos comes opportunity and I'm going to be in everybody's face in management that I can, looking for upward moves.

The one unequivocably Good Thing is that it's only five blocks from home. While this will be the longest commute that I've ever had to do for a regular job (I've done longer for school), I think I can survive a 10-minute walk.

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