August 19th, 2006


OMG WTF, etc.

OK, so ... it is August 19th, right? That means that yesterday was four months and one week before Xmas, right? That is OVER 1/3rd OF A YEAR, right? I just want to make sure of my math here ... don't want to be having a major "WTF moment" unduly, after all.

However, yesterday, when we were up at our favorite dollar store, Deals, picking up school supplies for The Girls, they were already taking DOWN the school supplies (two weeks before school starts!) in order to put UP ... the Christmas stuff!!!. I'm sorry, but that is insane.

Now, admittedly, back when I was "a drinking man" I used to have 90% of my Xmas shopping done by Halloween, and have all of it wrapped and labeled and ready to go by Thanksgiving, but that was because the closer it got to the holidays, the more likely I was to be, uh ... incapacitated ... and might very well not realize exactly where we'd gotten to in the calendar. THAT, however, was an extreme case of an obsessive/compulsive nature intersecting with over-enthusiastic substance abuse. Outside of a situation along those lines, there is NO good reason why ANY Xmas stuff should show up until the week after Thanksgiving ... and having the Xmas crap go on sale a full quarter year before Thanksgiving is inexcusable!

Bleh ... stupid humans!

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quote: "My kidney belongs to Christ"

Ah, how I do love the antitheism community ... almost always something there to brighten my day! Today's goodie is a report about this Fundie lady who is freaking out because the "nice Christian girl" to whom she'd donated a kidney is now on a "spiritual journey" of "a blend of Pagan and Hindu beliefs".
She wonders if the Lord really wanted her to donate the kidney, or if she acted on a "triple-espresso high" she had that morning. She is also concerned that when her body is resurrected, it might be incomplete.
It's especially tasty that she's trying the "I must have been on drugs at the time!" excuse (hey, I've used it), by blaming the caffeine ... after all, it is pretty tough to tell when it's "the Lord" talking or if it's just that last Latte!


{edit} Too bad if this is just satire ... when I started to poke around in that site it became apparent that it's something of a knock-off of The Onion. I guess some stories are just "too fun to be true".

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