August 22nd, 2006


More multi-media poetry goodness!

OK, so I've been "sitting on" a bunch of poems that I got transcribed a week or so back, but haven't had a chance to sit down and do a reading until now. Unfortunately, allergy season is in full swing, so I'm not in ideal voice. I did get another one done, however, and here it is ...

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By the way ... it looks like there is a way to use that Gizmo service to upload pre-recorded things to the L.J. phone post number. I got a slightly snippy note from the Gizmo help desk about "that's not what it's intended for", but they did tell me that if I set it up as a "broadcast" (but just sending to the one number), I can upload a file (although I think they specified a .wav, which would be huge). I just wish L.J. would make it easier by letting us park audio files in ScrapBook (as a Permanent Account, I get 10gigs of storage in there, which I'd really like to use!).

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