August 23rd, 2006


Another one for your perusal ...

ACK ... I should probably give this a rest until allergy season is over! I am fighting sinus, throat, and lung congestion, and it is seriously effecting how I'm speaking. However, I have this bunch of poems ready to go, so I'm trying to do the best I can with my gooped-up breathing passages and cough-roughened vocal chords!

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As you can tell, this one was lacking a certain gravitas ... I can't quite get to my normal range without being raspy, but above that it gets nasal (heavy sigh) ... I did, however, have a new allergy pill recommended to me today, so maybe that will help!

At least I seem to have a decent "system" down now for getting these recordings done. I'm using that Audacity program for recording and editing, then saving it out of that as a (huge ... these have been running something like 7mb!) .wav file, which I then open in the Windows Sound Recorder and convert/save it as an .mp3 file (which ends up somewhere in the ballpark of 550-600kb), which I've then been uploading to WebLogImages which changes back to a .wav file (but the same size as the uploaded .mp3 ... go figure), which are what you see (hear) here. Like you needed to know.

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