August 29th, 2006


Strange week ...

The Girls are still not back in school (they start next Tuesday). The past two weeks they were off at "art camp" but we currently "have them underfoot", and it hardly seems like "the week" at all. I did go down to the CTC yesterday for a further meeting with one of my coaches (she's breaking down the Myers-Briggs results for me rather methodically, with much discussion interspersed, so it's taking several appointments to plow through), and I have a "group session" there this afternoon, but my head's not much into it. I have, however, been able to catch up on some random projects (like getting an external CD burner that I bought in January finally hooked up and working with my laptop so I can get the photos off its quickly-filling HD), which I suppose is a good thing.

I still have one more poem from that last batch to deal with ... maybe you'll be seeing (hearing) that later today.

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