September 12th, 2006


busy, busy, busy ...


Today is one of those days.

I'm up early to get stuff together (I had to burn a bunch of files onto a CD and get a stack of resumes ready) before I have to head out. There's a Job Fair (down at Soldier Field, of all places ... not the most convenient place to get to via public transportation) that starts at 9am that I'm going to hit for two hours, then I need to grab a bus (to get to another bus) to get back to the CTC for an 11:45 luncheon meeting wrapping up that function we ran last month. Then I need to get back there for the 1pm "peer group" session. Then I need to get up to The Girls' school to pick up them (and whatever orders are in for the Entertainment books). I'm glad that I sort of wrote off going to the Toastmasters (the one I've been to twice already) tonight, as I'm probably going to be tired and crankly by this afternoon!

Hell, I'm already tired and cranky.

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