September 14th, 2006


trying for a quiet day ...

Last night I went off to another Toastmasters meeting. While I had recalled that the event was coming up, I'd forgotten the date, and found that they were having their "street fair" in front of the building where they meet. As such, it was more of a "party" than a "meeting" although, to provide "thematic" sense to the thing they still did the "table topics", with speakers getting up on a small podium. There were sandwiches and pizza and cookies and cake and coffee and soda. It was also grey, over-cast, occasionally misty, and about 60° ... thank goodness I thought to at least grab a sleeveless sweater on the way out the door ... I was thinking more of the 5-block walk home after sundown (I would have taken my leather jacket had I thought I was going to be standing around outside for 2 hours!), but it helped.

After the non-stop chaos of the past couple of days, I've been concentrating on catching up on some reading today, and trying to the get the PTA "Entertainment Book" thing organized (another project I sort of got volunteered for). I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to really be doing with that, but I can at least sort out the returned books from the stuff with checks/cash (I do wish they wouldn't send cash!).

Speaking of the Entertainment books ... they're a great deal and will help The Girls' school ... I'll be doing a post about how y'all can order ones for your area in the next day or so!!!

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