September 21st, 2006



I just had one of those "I did not know that!" moments!

I had been googling around for an accurate quote for something completely unrelated, and ended up on a fascinating site, and ended up poking around in that a bit, and hit a page about one of my favorite molecules ... caffeine!

Well, about half-way down the page there was this tidbit:
Caffeine is a "base analogue" of Adenine, and in fact can sometimes be incorporated into a growing DNA chain, instead of Adenine. Caffeine is a weak mutagen, for this reason.
... Uh-oh. Well, I guess nobody noticed this or Starbucks would have been the main sponsor of the X-Men movies!

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I don't think I made the cut ...

Well, the VP that did the phone interview with me on Monday said that they'd be sending out e-mails to the folks they wanted to actually interview up at their offices, with the interviews happening "later this week". Looking at my calendar, it is already "later this week" and I've not seen an e-mail.

My job coach down at CTC told me that I was needlessly neurosing about the guy not asking me about my availability on Thursday and Friday, but I think I must have read him right ... he had crossed me off the list before we were done talking. This sucks big time.

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