September 29th, 2006


sooo f'n tired ...

I have not been getting much sleep the past several days. I was up all night a few nights back getting the biggest part of the "Entertainment Book" orders (the PTA fundraiser I'm managing) logged in, followed by having to get up way early to get to a networking breakfast thing, followed by ... well, you get the picture. I was intending on doing another late-night run through the rest of these orders last night, but crashed at my desk, which means they're still sitting here waiting for me. Urrrgh. I really just want to get back into bed, but today is the "real deadline" and I need to get these processed, and fax out the out-of-town orders.

I shoud probably switch from Diet Coke to coffee ... although I'm not much of a morning coffee guy.

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Ah, the lives it would have saved ...

Just think, if the new "Terror Detainee Bill" had been around during the Klinton regime, a lot of folks like Vince Foster, Ron Brown, William Colby, etc., etc., etc. would probably still be alive today! After all, why whack your "inconvenient associates" like the Klintons did, when you can just have them investigated for "aiding & abetting" the terrorists.

Oh, wait ... most of the Klinton regime was aiding and abetting the terrorists! No wonder their apologists are so freaked out about this bill!

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