October 18th, 2006


I'm back ...

I'm tired, but I'm back.

I hadn't expected how, uh, Catholic this retreat was going to be. I mean, some of it just comes with the territory (it was at the Cenacle retreat center out in Warrenville), but I wasn't expecting actual clergy! Oh well, I survived and didn't burst into flame once ... heck, I even got asked to do a reading at the closing ceremony.

It took forever to get out there at 7:30am on Tuesday morning (in the pouring rain) and it took forever to get back from there at 7:30pm tonight (in the pouring rain). I'm all "drived out" (and I don't mean that in the unclean spirit way, either!) at this point. Unfortunately, I need to get the car back to the rental place (all the way up at Belmont & Cicero) by 7am ... which means another way too early start.

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