October 25th, 2006



Still no definitive word on the job front (I'd e-mailed the VP who'd been interviewing me, and he e-mailed back that there had been no decision as yet, but would let me know as soon as there was one). Sigh. However, the hotel wants me to bartend three days this week, so that's something.

I'm off to give my ToastMasters "Ice Breaker" speech tonight ... it's 4-6 minutes "about me", and is mainly focusing on my relationship to books over the past half century. Yes, it's thrilling. I'll probably blog later to critique myself.

I'm all nervous and stuff about it, although I took up "my time" at the group session down at CTC this morning to run through it with a live audience. I did pretty well there, with the only complaint that I was rushing through it. This is not necessarily a bad thing as most of my "timed" readings have been slipping right up to (or often over) the six-minute mark, so if I'm rushing a bit, I should end up being close to the 5:30 I thought I had when I wrote it!

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