November 6th, 2006


Bleh ...

I have been feeling poorly all day. I don't know if it's hang-over from The Bears' loss (I used to be a basket case all week after they lost a game, I hope that mode isn't re-establishing itself!), or if I "caught something" (both of the line cooks went home sick from the Hotel on Saturday), but I'm been wanting to crawl back into bed from the moment I got out of it.

I have not been a total slug, however ... I did manage to get my Toastmasters Speech #2 written today ... it's 1100 words and clocks in right at six minutes (the "official" time for it is 5-7 minutes, so at 6 I'm OK if I'm rushing, and I'm OK if I'm stumbling). I suppose if I was real gung-ho, I could practice like a maniac and be good to go for Wednesday, but I'm probably not going to jump in with it until next week.

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